Marine, Lock And Load!

Mobile Hulk is a single player turn based strategy game for Java-enabled mobile devices. Rules are very familiar for all Space Hulk First Edition fans. Mobile Hulk is free for everyone to play and contribute to.

This website and the Mobile Hulk is completely unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited.

Marine Sergeant firing at Genestealer
Marine Sergeant is about to transform one poor Genestealer into a mess — see more screenshots.


  • Accurate rule set from the First Edition of Space Hulk including full command point system.
  • Easy Move & Fire for your Marine storms.
  • Two squads complete with Sergeants and Heavy Flamers.
  • Automated hordes of Genestealers.
  • 5 Missions with different goals from cleansing infection to terminating every dormant Genestealer.
  • Works in CLDC-1.1/MIDP-2.0 devices. This means you don't have to wait year 40K to play the game.


Currently five missions are featured:

  1. Impact
  2. Salvage The Bridge
  3. Shut Down
  4. Purify
  5. Inner Sanctum

Reports confirm more derelict hulks creeping at the edge of scanner range…


Contact me, Toni Eskelinen, the author of the Mobile Hulk and maintainer of this page by email; You can also look me up on Windows Live, Skype and Facebook. Logo